SAIFRN-Nepal is the Nepalese Chapter of SAIFRN. In 2014 we were registered as an independent not-for-profit organization by the Government of Nepal.


The initial involvement of Nepal in SAIFRN dates back to 2007 with grant support from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (formerly AusAID) as part of the Public Sector Linkages Program. The inaugural meeting in Nagpur, India included Ms Sharda Pandey, then Chief of Nutrition Section, Dr Kalpana Tiwari, nutritionist and Ms Nira Joshi, researcher.


In 2014, the SAIFRN Nepal team was restructured in order to strengthen our collaborations and increase our research output. Prof. Madhu Dixit Devkota leads the Chapter. Prof. Prakash Sundar Shrestha and Asst. Prof. Megaraj Banjara provide academic and research expertise. Mr Raj Kumar Pokharel represents the Government of Nepal. Ms Pooja Pandey Rana, Mr Sumit Karn and Mr Deepak Thapa bring expertise from national and international non-government organisations involved in nutrition service delivery. Dr Kalpana Tiwari, nutritionist and Ms Nira Joshi provide further research support.


In a very short time SAIFRN-Nepal has become an influential collaboration of partners and stakeholders working in nutrition sector.


SAIFRN-Nepal’s Activities


  • Infant and Young Child Feeding (IYCF) Policy analysis
  • Formative research on mobile phone use for IYCF counselling
  • IYCF Peer counseling
  • IYCF evidence review in collaboration with UNICEF-Nepal
  • Anemia evidence review in collaboration with UNICEF-Nepal
  • Understanding IYCF in food insecure areas
  • Designing pilot intervention of mobile phone counselling for IYCF




ASAIFRN-Nepal’s research generated information on IYCF practices that inform the national policies and strategies. Our most significant improvements include:


  • Co-chairing the Civil Society Alliance for Nutrition in Nepal (CSANN)
  • Collaborating with UNICEF Nepal and Ministry of Health and Population (MoHP) to write 5 papers on IYCF
  • Conducting an explorative study of Coping Strategies on IYCF in Food Insecure Areas supported by UNICEF Nepal
  • Developing the National Strategy for Reaching to Unreached to Reduce Health and Nutrition Inequity for MoHP in collaboration with Save the Children Nepal


Next Steps


In 2015, the organization will pilot a mobile phone counseling intervention designed to improve IYCF. This study will inform the design of large-scale interventions that will be submitted for competitive grant funding. We are working to expand our partnership with the Government of Nepal and NGOs interested in IYCF within and outside South Asia. We are also working to provide opportunities for researchers in the region to improve their skills through participation in capacity building programs in collaboration with international partners. The SAIFRN Nepal is seeking further support for our activities from a variety of potential donors. If you know of an organization interested in joining us in our work, please contact us using the link at the top of the page.