Infant and young child feeding policy analysis and NET-Map Exercises held in Bangladesh

The launching ceremony of the IYCF NET-Map analysis of Bangladesh was held on 5th June, 2014 at the Institute of Public Health Nutrition, Dhaka. The event was jointly organized by ICDDR, B and Bangladesh Breastfeeding Foundation (BBF) in the banner of SAIFRN Bangladesh. The purpose of this ceremony was to get endorsement from the Bangladesh Government for policy analysis work. The event was chaired by the Director of the Institute of Public Health Nutrition as well as the Line Director, National Nutrition Services, Dr. Md. Shah Nawaz and Additional Secretary, Primary Health,Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Ms. Roxana Quader, was the chief guest. Almost 30 representatives from different organizations attended the ceremony. Following the welcome speech by Dr. S. K. Roy from BBF, a key note presentation was delivered by Dr. Sabrina Rasheed from ICDDR, B which explained the necessity for such a project. Ms. Kader reiterated the importance of collaborative efforts in developing IYCF policies and also offered full support of the Government of Bangladesh to activities that help to formulate evidence-based policy.


After the Launching Ceremony, 3 workshops were held on the 5th, 9th and 12th of June. In each of the workshops, representatives from the Government, The UN, Donor Organizations, NGOs, civil society, as well as research and Academia also participated. Additionally, others such as prominent and influential persons and media were invited to talk about important stakeholders and their link to IYCF policy formulation. Throughout the exercise, technical support and funding links were explored. The maps created during the 3 workshops will help us to understand the actors involved in IYCF policy development as well as strategies to engage them in the future in order to strengthen IYCF activities within Bangladesh.


Infant and young child feeding policy analysis and NET-Map Exercises held in Bangladesh1